Trump Attorney tells Newsmax: ‘Insanity’ of New York Case Makes Appeal Simple

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, told Newsmax on Tuesday that the case will be simple to appeal due to the “insanity” of the New York jury’s decision against Trump and his aides.

Donald Trump was hit with a $355 million fine by Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron on Friday for his alleged years-long plot to deceive banks and other parties by presenting false financial statements that exaggerated the former president’s wealth.

The hefty fine was a win for Democratic Attorney General of New York Letitia James, who had sued Trump for years of allegedly dishonest behavior while he constructed the vast network of skyscrapers, golf courses, and other properties that propelled him to fame, fortune, and the White House. James had claimed that Trump had not only engaged in harmless boasting.

Trump’s attorneys had declared they would file an appeal even prior to the ruling.

“Even with this ridiculous verdict, which, frankly, in my opinion makes the intent and motivation very loud and clear, we will win on appeal and thing will be reversed because there were items that should never have even come into this trial,” Habba stated on “Wake Up America.”

For three years, Trump was also prohibited from holding any position as an officer or director of a company based in New York.

To James’ dismay, Habba stated that although it was obvious the ruling’s goal was to try to force Trump out of business, it would not succeed.

Habba remarked, “And that’s probably devastating to her.” “We saw a completely bipartisan situation become absolutely toxic where we couldn’t put things on the record.”

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