A pregnant dog lies exhausted on the sidewalk, in need of assistance.

A passing person noticed the young dog beside the road, her eyes tired and her belly bloated, and she realized that her entire world had changed. The dog was expecting her litter any day.

This benevolent person didn’t pass by. Rather, they requested assistance from a nearby animal rescue.

Lack of spaying and neutering exacerbates the harsh life of neglect, starvation, and sadness that stray animals frequently lead. More animals go homeless as a result, unable to afford the protection of a vigilant owner.

The Guardianes de all los sin voz received the appeal for assistance. In a flash, a rescue squad was assembled and headed to the reported location of the dog.

Upon reaching the location, they were met with an incredibly heartbreaking sight: a small white puppy who was just hanging on, panting and licking her tongue, her vitality nearly gone.

The rescuers realized how desperate things had become for her and her unborn puppies, and they knew they had to move quickly.

With great concern for her and her litter, they rushed her to the veterinarian. She was clearly distressed and suffering a great deal.

Seeing that she had a dangerously high fever that could endanger both her life and the life of her litter, the medical staff moved quickly to calm her down and administer the required therapies.

She was fragile, but now she was under the tender care of a committed group of people. Her condition was stabilized by the IV fluids and medication they gave her.

Her incapacity to move her legs and the unknown status of her puppies’ health were the main causes for concern.

However, life continued. Tragically, two of the puppies she gave birth to in the days that followed did not survive.
The rescue crew was grateful that they were able to save the mother and the remainder of her litter in time, despite the obvious sadness.
The Guardians of All Voiceless placed the family in foster care, where they flourished. The mother dog showed remarkable healing as she began to walk once more.

Six days after her rescue, she was well enough to go without medical care. Her soft, lovely disposition was evident, and she was eating well.

As word of her story spread, it touched people’s hearts, and good people came forward to show their support for the mother, whose tenacity never ceased to amaze everyone, and the puppies.

Although she may not have come from a loving household, it appears that her puppies have a better future ahead of them.

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