The Cute Kitten With A Loving Heart And A Heart-Shaped Mark ‎

Introducing Ikura, the adorable one-year-old cat with a touching backstory. In just six months, this unusual cat from Hokkaido, Japan, has won the hearts of over 18,000 Instagram followers. Ikura, who got her name from the salmon caviare, has a gorgeous white fur coat with a black heart-shaped marking on her back. She poses like a pro in pictures with flowers, adorable collars, and even a miniature lion’s mane thanks to her charming smile and lively manner.

Owned by the pharmacist Sachiko and her doctor husband Sachio, Ikura likes to spend time with her two handcrafted toys, which are designed to resemble her own distinctive markings. This cute cat enjoys lounging by the window in the sunshine while she contently observes the passing cars and birds.

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