A stray kitten with a broken paw approaches a man and meows for assistance.

Not all stray cats and kittens feel comfortable in human company. But most of them will accept human assistance when they are in dire need of it due to their survival instincts.

Let me now introduce you to Robert Sepult, a devoted feline lover who feeds neighborhood stray cats on a regular basis.

One day, he noticed a small, defenseless cat with a damaged paw, and his routine took an unexpected turn.

Robert was moved to action by the young child’s frantic cries and had to act right away.

Robert quickly rescued the scared kitten and took him to the veterinarian for a critical assessment and treatment. Robert revealed:

“The physician reported that he discovered a patellar fracture after performing an x-ray.”

An injection was used as the first line of treatment to reduce edema. The veterinarian made an appointment for a follow-up visit for the following week and recommended Robert to wait patiently for the swelling to subside.

Robert made sure to give the little cat the greatest care possible in the interim. He fed the cat a filling dinner and gave it a calming bath to get rid of the fleas.

The change that transpired was really quite endearing. The kitten was overjoyed to have a human to take care of him and a warm, safe place to reside.

His physical health appeared to be significantly improved by the move from the hard streets to a cozy and caring environment, in addition to lifting his spirits.

Astonishingly, just ten days after his rescue, the kitten’s paw showed significant signs of healing.

With his newfound lease on life, the kitten’s true personality began to shine through, as he gleefully engaged with his favorite monkey toy.

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