Maggie is currently just starting to improve and is now a therapy dog!

Given the challenges Maggie, a 5-year-old dog, has faced and conquered to survive, she is a miracle dog. She found a forever home, overcame being shot 17 times, and became a certified therapy dog.

Her courageous and tenacious tale started in Lebanon. Maggie was found chained to a box, one ear severed, her jaw broken. Maggie was rendered completely blind throughout her pregnancy after suffering from torture and being shot with a shotgun 17 times.

After noticing the dejected puppy, a person in Lebanon resorted to social media to request assistance. A woman in London called The Wild At Heart Foundation for help after seeing the request. Maggie made it out alive. But before being put up for adoption and eventually finding her happy home in Brighton, England, she had to have surgeries and other treatments.

Owner of Maggie, a YouTube sensation with over 248,000 Instagram followers, is 25-year-old Kasey Carlin. Resigning from her position as a dog walker allowed Kasey to focus solely on Maggie’s Instagram account.

“She has taught myself and others so many lessons; we all know what she stands for because we were taught it.” But every day she reminds me of them. “She always reminds me to strive to be better and achieve better,” Kasey said to Bored Panda. “Everyday she reminds me to create my own happiness,” she said. “Love conquers all; be humble; live life to the fullest; serve others.”

Maggie recently received training to become a therapy dog, and she has been going to nursing homes, colleges, and hospitals where everyone can feel her happiness and serenity. Maggie has gained the affection of Mishka, Kasey’s other dog, and her owners at home.

Since no one had given her any thought for so long, when I made the decision to foster her, it was because no one else had either. “I’m thrilled she can share such an important message with the world,” Kasey says. “I’m astounded every day by how many people are involved in her story.”

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