Supreme Court Special Counsel: Allow Trump 2020 Election Case to Proceed Immediately

On Wednesday, special counsel Jack Smith implored the U.S. Supreme Court to expeditiously allow former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election meddling case to go to trial.

In response to a request from the Trump team earlier in the week, prosecutors decided to keep the case on hold while the court decides whether to address the issue of whether the former president is exempt from prosecution for official activities while in the White House. Trump requested the intervention of the top court after an overwhelming decision by two lower courts to reject that viewpoint.

Smith’s team stated there was “a national interest in seeing the crimes alleged in this case resolved promptly” in an attempt to persuade the judges to allow the historic prosecution case to proceed.
The prosecution requested that the court deny Trump’s request to be heard in the case, citing two decisions from lower courts that denied the former president’s immunity as evidence of “how remote the possibility is that this Court will agree with his unprecedented legal position.”
However, Smith stated that if the court is determined to make a decision, the justices ought to hear arguments in March and render a decision by the end of June.

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