Her puppies have found new homes since no one wants her, leaving Mama by herself at the shelter.

A heartbreaking event played out in the quiet hallways of a nearby animal shelter; this is a situation that is all too common in shelters around the country. A mother dog crouched in a corner of her kennel, tired with longing in her eyes. Though life had not been kind to her, she was a survivor.

A happy hubbub surrounding a litter of puppies, each proudly displaying a “Reserved” sign on their kennel doors, against this melancholy backdrop. Families arrived and departed, excited to carry a small bundle of furry happiness home. The puppies were lucky to have loving, everlasting homes mapped out for them.

But Mama, as everyone like to call her, was not so fortunate. She was passed over by potential adopters, who might have been tempted by the allure of puppyhood. Puppies finding new homes while their loving moms hope for a better future is a common sight in shelters.

One family returned to see Mama after first stopping by the shelter in hopes of adopting a puppy. There had been a change in them. They had a strong surge of empathy and thought of committing themselves more deeply.

They knew exactly what had happened to Mama to bring her here: a never-ending cycle of birth, separation, rebirth, and more separation. The family wondered if they would be the ones to end this cycle and provide Mama the warm and caring environment that she so much deserved.

But when they talked about the details, reality crept in. It would be difficult to get a third dog into their household because they already had two. They finally came to the grudging conclusion that they couldn’t adopt Mama. With her best interests in mind, the decision was made—a heartbreaking one.

They left Mama behind and departed the refuge with broken hearts. But the volunteers and staff at the shelter, used to these kinds of circumstances, acted quickly. They were resolved to find Mama a loving home because they felt she deserved another opportunity.

With each share, Mama’s chances of finding a forever home are better. Let’s get Mama Mastiff’s name out there!

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