An disease causes a stray cat to lose its ears, but Gai’s stylish crocheted substitute finds it a forever home.

On January 14, 2020, H Due, a qualified veterinary technician, noticed a post about an earless tabby cat seeking a permanent home on the website of the Dane County Humane Society while they were having lunch.

H says, “She was a stray when she came into the shelter. She had a terrible infection in her ears and a ton of scar tissue in her pinnas from this.” “They had to remove them because they were so curled over that they could not be treated.”

At the time, H and his wife didn’t want to add another pet to their family because they already had a cat, a one-eyed Shih Tzu, and a three-legged pit bull. But H had a special bond with the nine-year-old cat without ears who had been rescued from Madison, Wisconsin’s streets. H says, “I fell in love with her right away. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for senior and special needs animals.”

Fortunately, their wife didn’t need much persuasion when H asked her to retrieve the earless cat from the shelter. She works as a special education teacher. Actually, the cute grey tabby was brought to the veterinarian facility by H’s wife a few hours later. “I nearly passed out when I saw her,” recalls H. Following a remarkable encounter, they conducted a number of tests to ensure the earless cat wouldn’t endanger the health of their resident cat.

Fortunately, the tests showed that despite her history of abuse as a homeless cat, the couple named their unusual cat Nora, was in generally good health. It’s hard to estimate how long Nora was homeless before being found and saved, but she quickly adapted to her new surroundings. H adds, “I think people generally assume that pets with unique looks can’t have happy lives, but I can assure you that Nora is having the best possible life.”

Nora is doing incredibly well and is in fantastic health over a year after finding her forever home! Like other cats, Nora enjoys napping, and she frequently takes naps with Matilda, the three-legged dog that belongs to her family. H states, “She sleeps for about 20 hours every day.” “She feels really at ease. She enjoys baking biscuits as well.

H has come across a frequent assumption that Nora is deaf, despite the fact that she sleeps deeply. However, the area surrounding her ear canals is extremely sensitive. H and their spouse refrain from touching this area of Nora’s body as a result, although she doesn’t really need any more attention. H says, “She’s like any other cat,” and they urge others to think about adopting unusual cats like Nora who frequently struggle to find homes due to their appearance. “All kitties should have loving homes.”

H had an instant connection with the stunning Nora when they first laid eyes on her, and that relationship has only grown deeper in the past year. H really thinks their adoration for this cute grey tabby cat, whom they adore and lovingly refer to as Nora Jean the Earless Queen, is unmatched. H declares, “I won’t lie—she means the world to me.” I adore her more than my wife, I joke all the time. She is really essential to me and we have a very strong bond. The greatest thing ever is her.

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