The secrets of the “Star Gate” and Solar Temple of Abu Gurab are revealed.

The Abu Gurab sun temples have long been regarded as historic star gates. Various legends and anecdotes claim that they are interdimensional portals via which specific individuals can communicate with various deities and alien beings.

Numerous studies conducted in these Sun of Abu Gurab temples and other ancestor stories of the ancient Egyptians have identified a “Stargate” function that is produced by several nearby harmonic resonances in these temples. Contact with extremely old gods or, according to some, ancient aliens, has been made possible by these stargates.
What location are these temples?

These temples, which are a part of the Abusir pyramid complex, are situated roughly 15 kilometers away from the well-known Giza pyramids. Several durable materials, including red granite, alabaster, and the well-known limestone, were used to build these temples.

It is noteworthy to emphasize that two sizable and renowned ruins—those of Niuserra and Userkaf—have been found in this town. Between 1898 and 1901, Egyptologists Heinrich Schäfer and Ludwig Borchardt discovered and excavated the first.

Though Niuserra is the finest preserved, Userkaf was excavated in the 1960s, unlike the remains at Niuserra. Archaeologists claim that the arrangement of these ruins is very comparable to other solar temples in Egypt.

How do these ruins come to be?
They have two buildings surrounded by a wall, a massive center obelisk, and an altar for various rites. This temple, which has multiple buildings with exact designs, is quite obscure and rather quiet.

Neters are extraterrestrial entities.
There are indigenous Egyptian traditions that claim that these temples were only restored because they originated in Kemet, the ancient name of Egypt. Archaeologists claim that the pharaohs built these temples in 2400 BC in order to perform funerary ceremonies dedicated to the Sun God.

It is said that the original intention was to reach higher spiritual consciousness levels in order to communicate with the Neters, who are said to be extraterrestrial beings or entities of the universe’s sacred energies.

Do you believe that alien communication was ever conducted in these temples?

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