Blind cats inspire us with their tenacity and resolve as they go about their lives with unrelenting passion despite their infirmity.

Grace and Max are two cute blind cats that were saved by Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, California. The cats have not allowed their disability to stop them from leading normal lives, even though they are blind. They also have a fantastic family who loves them without conditions, and a lovely property.
Owning The Furrtographer and having multiple blind cats in his family, photographer Josh Norem values helping these special needs cats find loving homes.

The photographer, who has worked hard to support Saving Grace Rescue as the adoptive father of several blind cats, makes sure that he respects the work the rescue center does and tries to find the cats a decent home.

Josh was thrilled to hear from a couple who had adopted two of the cats because, according to him, it’s not common to see any of them after they’ve been adopted again.

As stated by the photographer:

“You can only imagine how happy and surprised I was to hear from a couple who adopted not one, but two blind cats from Saving Grace regarding a picture session. He had been observing these cats on Instagram for some time and was overjoyed to see them all together in their new residence!

One of the cats is Max, a gorgeous Russian blue cat who is incredibly affectionate and amiable. Max was born with shattered eyeballs, but thanks to Saving Grace rescue, the beautiful cat was able to get eye surgery and is now a happy, healthy cat in a fantastic home.

Max’s younger sister Grace is a timid small cat. From the moment they saw her, her parents knew she would make a wonderful addition to their family. Grace has developed into a gorgeous, pampered cat who is also her brother’s closest friend.

The adoptive parents of the kittens are Janell and Justin. Josh asserts that this pair is committed to taking care of their two cats, saying they are very wonderful.

Josh went on,

“They are really heroes for saving these two priceless kitties; they are not just wonderful and compassionate people. I appreciate you giving these cats a place to live and letting me take their pictures.

These stunning cats run, play, and get into mischief while living in harmony with their devoted family. They are not going to let anything stop them from living each moment to the fullest.

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