Rep. from the United States Says UFOs Could Be Devices of a Secret “Ancient Earth Civilization”

The mystery surrounding UFOs has captured people’s attention for more than nine decades, igniting discussions, curiosity, and ceaseless investigations into the phenomenon. The wait is over as testimony from David Griesbach, David Fravor, and Rya Graves is scheduled to be presented before the US Congress at the legislative sessions scheduled for January 26, 2023.

Meanwhile, during his appearance on Pat McAfee’s show on June 27, 2023, United States Representative Mike Gallagher posted a number of theories regarding the possible origins of UFOs. According to the former Mari¿e, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) may represent a mysterious “alien civilization” that had remained hidden on Earth until recently, when they were forced to come into contact with humans.

“This ought to be a chance for the government to be more flexible,” he declared. “Even if the information disproves the extraterrestrial hypothesis or any of these other theories, at least it demonstrates that the government is acting responsibly and moving forward by making the information publicly available.”

Rep. Gallagher made this statement in response to the sensationalized interview that Ross Cotthart did with David Grich that made headlines. Mr. GrŅsch, who is confirmed to appear before Congress in the House of Representatives, asserted that the US government possesses evidence of extraterrestrial life and spaceships from alien species. It is his observation that a significant number of these spacecraft have crashed and some have failed to land.

When the question of the cover-ratio is raised, Marx Marx states that the first UAP recovery occurred in 1933 in Magenta, Italy, overthrowing the Bertie Mussoliÿi dictatorship. He explains that the recovered aircraft was transported to a separate air base by the Italian government until 1944–1945, when the Americans established an opposition to it.

When Gallagher appeared on the sports talk show, he said that the “Terminator” theory—which originated from the same-named movie—could explain reported UFO sightings by suggesting that aliens were actually spacecraft. Gallagher further proposed a different explanation, speculating that rather than coming from the past, there may actually be a primitive civilization that has been present here and is slowly making its mark. Does the name Aliens ring a bell?

One of Britain’s most famous astronomers, Tim Peake, also put up a theory along these lines. According to him, the UFOs that the US military captured on camera more than a century ago could be aliens from distant planets or time-traveling myths. In an interview conducted in June 2022, British astronaut Tim Peake—who has spent more than six months in space—was questioned about the UAP videos, which the Pentagon has now declassified.

Peake remarked, “I heard a hypothesis where a pilot was talking about how they may have developed time travel in the future—is it something that’s returned from the future?” While he did not provide a specific explanation for UFOs, he did offer some possibilities that have been discussed by UFOlogists.

“I don’t think it’s at all a development of a nation-state or a non-state organization.” When you watch the video footage, I think it’s quite remarkable. The things that these machines seem capable of are extraordinary.

A haunted UFO has been reported to be hidden outside of the United States. Ross Cotthart has stated that he knows the location of this unmoving object. Regarding the condition of this boat, should it be recovered, there is no confirmation from Cottle. Some have speculated that this might be an archaeological dig, nevertheless. Might this particular craft be an artifact from a vanished civilization?

In light of Representative Gallagher’s theory, scientists have investigated the prospect of finding evidence of ancient civilisations in Earth’s geological record. A research study titled “The Siluria Hypothesis” discusses the possibility of finding remnants of ancient civilizations. For millions of years, fossils and artifacts are expected to endure; yet, alterations in chemical composition may operate as barriers. Scientists want to determine whether civilizations existed in distant pasts by analyzing geological anomalies and extrapolating models to other planets.

NASA has dedicated many years to searching for extraterrestrial life. Furthermore, the existence of life outside of Earth in any form has never been denied by the space age. This essay discusses the possibility that life exists outside of Earth in all forms, from microscopic to macroscopic. The theory that there may have been prior civilizations on Earth and Mars and that these civilizations may have been the ancestors of UAPs has been supported by Harvard professor Avi Loeb. To read the full article, click this link.

According to Mr. Loeb, “planets such as Mars or Earth could have given birth to multiple technological civilizations that existed billions of years apart and were not aware of one another.” The planets eventually recovered from the environmental effects of their civilizations, just like stable pairs. Even though we may not have had the chance to meet them in person, we are nevertheless aware of their existence after having been apart from them for some time.

In an interview, former Peruvian UFO official Leopoldo Elizoÿdo revealed some interesting insights regarding crash retrievals and UFO/UAP-related items. He feels that although the US government has exotic materials, there isn’t enough transparency about the situation.

Elizoÿdo used an analogy of a foreign object in King Tutankhamun’s tomb to highlight the significance of foreign objects that were advanced materials prior to the existence of modern technology. This analogy was seen by some as suggesting that UFOs might be regarded as archaeological artifacts, perhaps even older than previously thought.

Unbelievably, Bob Lazar of the Joe Rogo Experience reported that at least one recovered UFO was found during an archaeological investigation, indicating its likely origin. Astronomer Avi Loeb proposed that certain advanced equipment manufactured by the first humans to inhabit Mars and Earth may still be in use elsewhere in the Solar System, thus accounting for some unverified aerial photography reports.

In 2015, physicist Joseph E. Bradebusch speculated about a big thermonuclear explosion that destroyed the oxygen-like atmosphere of Mars while taking Fermi’s Paradox and the Cydonia Hypothesis into consideration. These theories investigate the potential for advanced civilizations outside of our solar system.

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