18 Stunning Global Panoramas of Flower Fields

Every year, when the vernal and festive seasons come to a close, meadows all over the world are filled with a vibrant display of floral splendor. Flowers such as tulips, helianthuses, lupins, and bluebonnets reveal their elegant petals, creating a breathtaking display above the tea. Though they are fleeting in nature, these botanical pageants leave a yearly legacy of captured imagery.

Included here are eighteen photographs that highlight the peak of these renowned floral landscapes.

Famous for its lavender fields, Fuŷano’s flower fields in Hokkaido, Japan, also feature poppies, lupines, and ape flowers.

Five thousand hectacres of sunflowe fields stretch out beyond the Spanish town of Cañmona.

Bluebells cover the 1,360-acre Blue Forest in Halle, Belgium.

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