We Are Targeted Alongside Trump

President Donald Trump has become embroiled in a financial scandal that has been carefully planned by progressive liberals and the Washington, D.C. establishment, in an egregious display of judicial overreach and political retaliation.

The enormous $437 million in fines and the possible $100 million in interest are not just figures; they represent a dark struggle being fought not only against a former president but also against the foundation of American freedom.

Let’s analyze its ridiculousness and the dangerous precedent it establishes. Up to 27% of Trump’s net worth could be destroyed by his financial hardships, which are the result of a judiciary that appears to be biased against him politically.

This is financial assassination done under the pretense of following the law; it is not justice. The ramifications are terrifying: while Trump is the target today, it might be any American whose political beliefs conflict with those of the ruling class or the judiciary tomorrow.

A heinous injustice has occurred with the rulings against Trump and the sanctions placed on his commercial ventures in New York. Not only do they take away Trump’s financial freedoms, but they also send a worrying message about a time when political rivalry may be sufficient justification for legal action.

Here, Matthew Whitaker’s description of the circumstances as a “ridiculous judgment by a ridiculous judge” rings true with alarming truth. This is a full-fledged assault on the values of justice and fairness, not simply about Trump.

The desperation of the Biden administration is evident as we turn our attention to a larger picture. As the faults of Biden’s administration grow more apparent and his popularity declines, their only option seems to be to have Trump crucified politically.

But things are starting to change. The latest rebuke by the Supreme Court of the unchecked attempt to keep Trump off the ballot speaks volumes. It’s evidence of how American judicial traditions withstand the raging seas of political fury.

But this is about the standard established for future American leadership, not just about Trump or Biden. The message is clear and frightening: if your worldview deviates from the accepted narrative, you could face financial devastation when you enter the political sphere.

It’s not American style to do this. This is hardly the world’s most advanced democracy; this is the way a banana republic operates.

Not only is the story being promoted by Letitia James and supported by Judge Engoron an attack on Trump, but it is also an insult to all Americans who value justice and the rule of law.

The “financial assassination attempt,” as Jesse Watters of Fox News correctly described it, cuts over political boundaries. It’s a wake-up call to all Americans, a cry of warning against the encroaching dictatorship that is being passed off as legal proceedings.

The way forward is evident in the face of this unparalleled assault. The 2024 presidential race will be a struggle for America’s spirit, not just a political contest.

Endorsing Donald Trump is more than just endorsing a political candidate; it’s about defending the values upon which this wonderful nation was founded. Making sure political grudges don’t turn into legal grudges is the goal.

It is important to recognize that the unrelenting assault on Trump by the New York judicial system, led by individuals blinded by political grudges, is an assault not just on one person but also on the spirit of the United States as a whole. It’s an attempt to undermine the basic foundations of democracy and freedom that America is known for—a political landscape dictated by judicial coercion.

At this critical point, let us not be moved by the din of disinformation and political posturing. Supporting Donald Trump in 2024 is a plea to protect our liberties, rights, and fundamental identity as Americans that goes beyond personal loyalty.

The American spirit remains unbreakable, despite the hard war that lies ahead. It’s time to rise up, to resist the oppressive flow, and to make sure that America—the shining example of freedom—continues to shine brightly for future generations.

Essentially, the struggle for Trump’s acquittal is a defense of the core principles that make America great, not just a legal dispute. As we proceed, let us not forget that not only one man’s future is in jeopardy, but the future of American democracy as a whole.

The 2024 election is a referendum on our country’s essence, not just a struggle for office. Supporting Trump is a commitment to upholding the principles that our nation is built upon, not just for a man. For the sake of America, justice, and freedom, let’s make the correct decision.

The necessity to put an end to the widespread financial assassination and ongoing persecution that President Trump faces could not have been more clearer by him. The powerful powers of government are not only aiming at Trump, but at each and every one of us.

“It’s a slow and steady burn, with judges, prosecutors, and corrupted radical left politicians guiding us toward devastation. America is being destroyed by open borders, rigged elections, and egregiously unfair court decisions. We are a failing nation that is in decline! MAGA2024”

The fact that democracy is both intensely individualistic and radically collective is its greatest paradox. We are all targeted when one of us is.

Never before has the expression “I, too, am Trump” been so dangerously applicable as it has been over the past week.

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