Trump: The “fascists” in charge of Biden are a “threat to democracy”

Taking a cue from Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship, former President Donald Trump wasted little time at his rally in Waterford Township, Michigan, on Saturday night, denouncing what he dubbed President Joe Biden’s weaponization of justice against his main political competitor.

Early in his speech, which was broadcast live and in full on Newsmax and the Newsmax2 streaming service, Trump declared, “Joe Biden and the fascists that control him are a threat to democracy.” They pose a risk to democratic values.

“He has people in charge of him, even though he isn’t intelligent enough to realize that. The man is unable to even get off a platform. No, he’s unable to locate the steps.

Recalling his well-known statement from “The Apprentice,” Trump promised his fans in Michigan that he will remove Biden from the White House in November.

“Thanks to citizens like you, this November, the great state of Michigan is going to tell crooked Joe Biden, ‘You’re fired: Get the hell out; get out of here,” Trump stated. “Our worst president to date. He is the most inept and awful president to have ever held office.”

Because justice has been weaponized, regaining the White House is essential — “if we win Michigan, we win the election,” Trump declared.

Trump went on, “We want to win Nov. 5 but we also want to send a message.” “We’re going to alter our nation and get this person out. We intend to reestablish our nation. Return our nation from the abyss. Thus, don’t delay. Vote when you are able to.

“We will not prioritize anything more than dismantling the terrible judicial system that has grown all around us when we retake the White House. This is an absolutely terrible thing that is happening.”

American democracy is being put on life support by Biden and his “fascist” overlords, as well as the Democrats who control the courts, attorneys general, and district attorneys.

“You speak of democracy, yet this actually poses a threat to it. Additionally, Trump stated, “We have to have fair, equal, and impartial justice restored in America because we don’t currently have it.”

The $364 million ruling by “crooked Judge” Arthur Engeron was criticized by Trump on Friday.

“He’s a crooked judge, a radical left-wing judge,” implementing a “lawless and unconstitutional atrocity that sets fire to our laws like no one has ever seen in this country before,” Trump stated. “In banana republics, that takes place. It is not the case in this nation. The whole thing is a ridiculous farce. The case is a farce. No victims were present. Not a default. No complaints, no damages. Not at all.”

Trump also made fun of Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, and her lover, Nathan Wade, saying it demonstrated how corrupt the Biden administration has become the American legal system.

“The people couldn’t care less about justice,” he stated. These folks aren’t searching for justice. Their primary concern is stopping the dishonest politician running against Joe Biden. I am that. And how can we hurt people as much as we possibly can? However, here we are.

“They have been doing this for seven years and we won.”

Donald Trump blasted Willis following his promise to “direct a completely overhauled DOJ to investigate every radical out-of-control prosecutor in America for their illegal racist in reverse enforcement of the law.”

“How is Fani doing? How is she faring in Atlanta’s Fulton County?” Trump made a joke. “How is that going? How went the trial?

“I gave him cash, though. I gave him cash. I took nothing with me. “Oh, where did you get the cash? I paid in cash.”

However, Trump continued, “the extreme attempts have been exposed by the sheer desperation shown by the lack of court decorum.”

“There’s no courtroom decorum or respect,” he stated. “You must visit these magistrates. They’re yelling. They resemble crazy people. Respect is lacking. Particularly for someone they know has done nothing wrong, there is no etiquette. Nothing that we’ve done is incorrect.

In her political campaign, New York Attorney General Letitia James even came clean by pledging to “get Trump”.

Trump went on, “Nothing like this has ever happened.” “If you’ve ever watched this judge, you know that he’s a madman. It’s possible that the attorney general is worse. Have you ever seen her?

“I will obtain the campaign of Donald Trump. I swear to you that I will obtain Donald Trump.

“She knows nothing about me.”

Trump concluded, “Entregaron and James are ending business in New York as we know it.”

“Companies cannot subject themselves to this, and they are already fleeing New York State, taking tens of thousands of jobs with them.

In addition, no one will want to conduct business in the United States of America if this persecution of political opponents goes on. We really are going to turn into a Third World nation. In many respects, we already are.”

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