Trump says the border bill “cannot be signed” to Newsmax.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax on Monday, former president Donald Trump stated that lawmakers would be “foolish” to sign the Senate’s border security plan.

In an interview with Rob Schmitt of Newsmax, Trump was questioned about why certain Senate Republicans would be “itching to sign off” on the $118 billion bill that was announced on Sunday.

“Well, it’s hard to believe because I think it probably would mean the end of their career,” Schmitt replied to Trump. It’s a Democratic ploy. Republicans should beware of this trap as it would be incredibly stupid and irresponsible to sign such a law. This bill is not signable.

Not only that, but there are enormous sums of money leaving the country—billions upon billions of dollars, to put it mildly—and the situation at the border is terrible. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s actually among the silliest bills I’ve ever seen.

Continuing, Trump declared, “You don’t need a bill.”

“My border was the safest in our nation’s history. We lacked a bill, so I simply ordered the border to be closed. It’s shut off,” he informed Schmitt.

“Throughout the history of our nation, we have had the safest border ever. I think we currently have the worst border in global history. This is a border unlike any other. At all. I have no idea where you go. Third-World nation.”

During his presidency, the former president claimed that his “remain in Mexico” policy had prevented a migrant crisis.

“I went to Mexico, and negotiated with Mexico,” he stated. We got 28,000 troops from them. Many more things were given to us. Remain in Mexico. They gave us the term “remain”; we termed it “remain in Mexico.” There is nothing in this bill regarding staying in Mexico.”

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