Trump Is Invited to the Front Lines of Ukraine by Zelenskyy

At his speech at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned allies that allowing the Russians breathing room in their assault against Ukraine could result in a “artificial deficit” of armaments.

Zelenskyy added that a “meat wave” of Russian artillery bombardment had forced Ukrainian leaders to withdraw from the besieged city of Avdiivka.

“Ukrainians have demonstrated our ability to compel Russia to recede. Both we and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin can lose and reclaim our land. And on the battlefield, this has already occurred numerous times,” Zelenskyy remarked.

“Everyone of us is aware that any Russian missile can be taken down using Patriots and Western air defense systems. The technologies will allow the sky to open, allowing our warriors to advance. We will be able to repatriate millions of Ukrainians, as well as our people and refugees, if there are sufficient air defense systems in Ukraine, Zelenskyy continued.

“Dear friends, unfortunately, keeping Ukraine in the artificial deficit of weapons, particularly in deficit of artillery and long-range capabilities, allows Putin to adapt to the current intensity of the war,” Zelenskyy said. “Over time, democracy’s self-weakening threatens our shared outcomes. All we need are weapons, which we don’t have enough of. That’s why our people, our warriors, are our weaponry today.”

In response to a query concerning whether or not he had publicly invited Donald Trump to Kyiv, Zelenskyy stated that “it depends on his wishes.”

He continued, “If Mr. Trump will come, I am ready even to go with him to the front line.”

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