Survey: Most Texans Anticipate Violence Following Election

According to a recent survey by The Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas, a full 60% of voters in Texas believe that “there will be political violence in the United States in response to the 2024 election results.”

Of those surveyed, about 24% thought political violence was “very likely,” while 36% thought it was “somewhat likely.” In contrast, only 5% believed that violence was “not at all likely,” while 21% thought it was “not too likely.” Roughly 14% weren’t sure.

According to Jim Henson and Joshua Blank’s report, “violent reactions to the 2020 election’s outcome among Trump supporters and dark attitudes from the election continue to lurk in Texas public opinion.”

In contrast, a slightly more upbeat tone was seen in a January nationwide CBS News poll, when 49% of participants predicted violence in response to election losses.

In America today, electoral violence is a topic that is likely to be so for some time to come—especially in light of the attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

Despite being the target of four criminal indictments, former president Donald Trump is very certain to make a third attempt to win the presidency.

From February 2–12, 2024, 1,200 self-declared registered voters in Texas were questioned for the study. Its error margin is plus or minus 2.83%.

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