“INSANITY”: Greg Abbott Dissects the NYC Mayor’s Proposal to Issue Credit Cards to Immigrants

Governor Greg Abbott called Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams’ proposal to provide credit cards to illegal immigrants in New York City as part of a $53 million program “insanity.”

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, Abbott stated, “What’s going on in New York is outrageous and Americans across the country are angry, not just about what’s going on in New York, but the underlying cause for it, which is Joe Biden’s open border policies.”

Adams’ plan is described in detail in the New York Post.

According to the contract details The Post was able to obtain, the amount on each card will differ based on the size of the family and whether they receive any income.

For example, a family of four could receive almost $1,000 per month, or $35 per day for food.

Refilled cards will be sent out every 28 days.

The city plans to extend the program, which currently serves about 15,000 migrant families lodging in hotels, to all of them if it proves to be successful, officials announced on Friday.

The cash can only be used for necessities, and the cards can only be used at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

According to Adams spokesperson Kayla Mamelak, “not only will this give families the opportunity to buy fresh food for their culturally appropriate diets and the baby supplies of their choice, but the pilot program is expected to save New York City more than $600,000 per month, or more than $7.2 million annually.”

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