In a drone attack on a US base in Syria, six fighters who were backed by the US were killed.

Kurdish-led forces supported by the United States announced on Monday that six of their soldiers had been killed in an explosive drone strike by armed factions backed by Iran that originated from parts of the Syrian government-controlled Deir al Zor region.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson Farhad Shami said in a post on X that the drone targeted an SDF commando academy at a U.S. facility at Al-Omar oilfield, resulting “in the martyrdom of six of our Commando fighters.” The SDF is led by Kurds.

An umbrella organization for a number of Iraqi armed organizations with Iranian support, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, announced on Monday that it was the group that carried out the drone attack on Al-Omar Field on February 4.

Three US soldiers were killed earlier this month in a drone attack on an American base in Jordan, for which Washington holds the group accountable. Over the weekend, the United States launched numerous strikes against groups in Iraq and Syria that were backed by Iran; approximately 40 persons were killed, the most of them were reportedly terrorists.

As the confrontation between Israel and the militant Hamas group has increased, organizations sponsored by Iran that have declared their support for the Palestinians have entered the fray around the area.

The Houthis have fired on ships in the Red Sea, Iraqi militias have shot on American forces in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan, and Lebanese Hezbollah has fired at Israeli targets along the border between Lebanon and Israel.

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