Haley Asks for Protection From the Secret Service Due to Threats

In response to an increase in threats during her GOP primary campaign against front-runner Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has filed for protection from the Secret Service, the former U.N. ambassador told The Wall Street Journal on Monday.

“We’ve had a number of problems,” Haley said to the Journal following a rally in her native South Carolina. “It’s not going to stop me from doing what I need to do.”

Threats against the Journal were not listed by nature or frequency in Haley’s campaign.

One instance of the wave of demonstrations against the former South Carolina governor for her support of both Israel and Ukraine came last week when a lady protesting Israel’s battle against Hamas terrorists stormed the stage of a Haley event in South Carolina.

At least two swatting calls have been made against Haley’s residence: once on December 30 and then again on New Year’s Day.

She said reporters last week, “You get threats when you do something like this.” “It’s just the reality.”

Filing false reports to the police in an attempt to trigger an officer’s potentially hazardous response is known as “switching.” Haley’s parents, who are 90 and 87 years old, were at home with their caregiver on December 30 when the incident occurred.

When discussing the events of December 30, Haley stated, “It put my family in danger,” in a recent TV interview. It was not a secure circumstance. And that only serves to highlight the current state of anarchy in our nation.”

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