Biden: Physical Exam Results Were Not Distinct From Last Year’s Health Report

At a military hospital in suburban Maryland on Wednesday, President Joe Biden had his yearly physical. As the 81-year-old runs for reelection in November, this evaluation will be closely monitored.

Wednesday morning, Biden—clad in a suit—left the White House early for the exam and came back a few hours later. When he returned to the White House, he told reporters that the exam results were the same as those from the year before.

During last year’s physical test, which included the removal of a lesion from his chest and the declaration that he was clear of long-term COVID symptoms following his infection in 2022, doctors deemed Biden healthy and “fit for duty”.

Later on Wednesday, the White House announced that a written synopsis of the Democratic president’s most recent physical examination would be made public.

The physical this year takes place as Democrat Joe Biden and 77-year-old Republican former President Donald Trump get ready to square off in what is expected to be a rematch in the presidential election on November 5.

Each of the two contenders has charged the other with mental illness. 52-year-old Nikki Haley, Trump’s final opponent for the Republican nomination, has declared that both men are too elderly to serve as president and should undergo cognitive testing.

In his own time, Biden enjoys riding his bike and playing golf. However, questions have been made about his age and capacity to fulfill the responsibilities of being commander in chief due to his linguistic and physical blunders.

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