A Senate bill would fund Ukraine’s border wall 75 times more than the United States’

While Ukraine would receive $48 billion in US taxpayer funds, a Senate bill would only provide a pitiful $650 million to continue building a border wall at the US-Mexico border.

Sens. James Lankford (R-OK), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) negotiated the bill, which would provide Ukraine with almost $50 billion in US tax money to protect its borders against Russian invasion.

However, according to Lankford’s office, the bill only allots $650 million “to build and reinforce miles and miles of new border wall.” It’s unlikely that a few dozen miles of border wall could be constructed with that funding.

In light of the fact that a record number of American adults favor border wall construction as a means of deterring illegal immigration and drug trafficking, the funding for the wall is relatively small when compared to Ukraine’s check.

A record 4 out of 7 registered voters in the United States last year, or 57 percent of the electorate, supported the construction of more border walls. This group included 62% of white voters, 49% of Hispanic voters, and 58% of voters with incomes under $50,000.

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