More than ten indoor plants that can thrive under the worst conditions

Even in places without much sunlight, these plant species can be a true blessing for people looking to breathe new life into their home or place of business. They do well in dimly lit or darker rooms.

The leaves on the plants in Bright Side’s assortment are more beautiful than the flowers. That is more than sufficient, especially in light of the fact that they live in the shade.


This plant has beautiful patterned leaves that look excellent in any space, but keep in mind that it doesn’t like direct sunshine. Calathea like dimly lit areas.

Incompetent canes

This plant does well in diffused light. It’s best to conceal it with a curtain. When the plant’s fragile, bright leaves first develop in the spring and summer, they seem exceptionally lovely.

Dragon Tree

In your office, it’s a little bit of the tropics only for you. The plant should not be in direct sunlight as it dislikes it.

Comosum Chlorophytum

Its popularity can be attributed to its unassuming nature. It can purify the air properly while remaining dark for extended periods of time.

The Soleirolia

The little, delicate leaves of this plant look great hanging in cache-pots and flowerpots adjacent to taller plants; nevertheless, do not place it next to lower plants as soleirolia might kill them. All you have to do is water it and give it periodic sprays.


You may grow more than 2,000 different species of ferns in your house. While these tropical plants may survive in the shade, they cannot withstand dry air. They need to have their leaves sprayed frequently, particularly in the summer months.

Cordatum philodendron

Many gardeners’ favorite plant is this one. It cleans the air flawlessly and performs nicely in the shadows. It gets excessively high if it isn’t occasionally trimmed.


When grown in artificial lights alone, this tropical plant thrives. It prefers moist environments, such as patios and restrooms. Look at it, it’s really lovely!

Lily of peace

This lovely flower is ideal for you if you frequently forget to water your plants and your space gets very little light!


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