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Even though Zantedeschia sp. isn’t regarded as a real lily, it’s nonetheless an amazing flower. This lovely plant, which comes in an array of colors, spreads by rhizomes and is perfect for borders and beds. Additionally, calla lilies can be grown as houseplants in containers outside or in a bright window. These are some growing recommendations for calla lilies that will make them seem beautiful in your yard.

Advice for Planting Calla Lilies Cultivating calla lilies is simple. In general, these plants don’t need a lot of care. When cultivating calla lilies, the only real factors to think about are planting and location. Planting calla lilies in loose, well-drained soil is essential for their proper care. In warmer climates, they like to be in full sun or some shade. Usually, calla lilies are planted in the spring. But before planting calla lilies, wait until the risk of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up enough.

For best results, calla lilies should be planted quite deeply—roughly 4 inches (10 cm) spacing, spaced about a foot (0.5 m) apart. The region needs to be well-watered after planting. Throughout the growing season, calla lilies will benefit from a monthly fertilizer dose in addition to liking to be kept moist.

Care for Calla Lilies Similar to planting, the only maintenance needed for calla lilies is to give them regular watering and fertilization. Maintaining a sufficient mulch layer surrounding the plants will aid in keeping the space weed-free and moist. After blossoming ends, calla lilies need a dormant season. You should stop watering the plant during this period to let it die back.

When the foliage fades on calla lilies grown in containers, stop watering and transfer the plant to a dark spot. After two to three months, regular watering can be resumed. In warmer climates, calla lilies can be left in the ground all year round; however, in lower climates, they should be raised and kept.

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Care of Calla Lilies Over Winter Dig up the rhizomes in autumn, usually after the first frost, and shake off any soil. Allow them to dry out for a few days before storing the rhizomes for winter. Calla lilies should be stored in peat moss and located in a cool, dry area, preferably dark, until warmer temperatures return in spring. Likewise, you can choose to start your calla lilies indoors during late winter and transplant them outside in spring. Calla lilies can also be divided when lifted or during their dormancy period.

Calla lilies are simple to grow and require little, if any, maintenance. A wonderful method to bring color to any space is to choose to grow calla lilies as houseplants or in the garden. You’ll be able to appreciate calla lilies even more with the help of these gardening suggestions.

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