When the abandoned dog saw her neighbor, she ran over and started crying.

Someone we have dedicated our entire life to, only to have them desert us as we are old. It’s the kind of story this is. When she saw her neighbor, she waggled her waist and tail.

Time and living on the streets had taken their toll on Lunya, who had been left on the streets for several days. She was then recognized by a neighbor one day, who contacted AlabaiHelp for assistance.

When the AlabaiHelp rescue squad showed up, they whisked her to safety. The following day, all she wanted to do was lie down and cry because she was so tired.

“I’ve always thought that dogs have a sixth sense they know who’s nice and they’re honest so she’s frightened to go out she’s terrified to go back to her old life.”

It was suggested by her dermatologist. After that day, her skin started to itch from tick bites, and she started to trust more people.

She burrowed her head into me and yearned for my company. She wants to let her pain be known.

after tending to her needs and gaining her confidence over a few months. Because Lunya allowed herself to be open to a new and brighter life, her efforts were not in vain.

She’s overjoyed. There is going to be a fresh start. It’s too late for an old dog like her, yet every day matters. We appreciate the neighbor contacting us to help her find happiness again.

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