We were unable to contain our tears as the exhausted mother dog gave out a heartbreaking scream, her last-ditch request for nourishment acting as a lifeline for her helpless cubs.

The mother was clearly in a desperate situation as she tried to support her child. It was a painful and heartbreaking sight. Fortunately, they were helped by a kind Samaritan. After giving them some much-needed food, she brought them to a vet facility.

Even though she was shocked by their state, the veterinarian felt she could help. The mother dog was so frail that she could not even stand, so vital IV fluids and a tonic were given to her. It was clear that they required adequate nursing care and time to heal.

After years of suffering and abandonment, these two helpless souls were finally showered with love and support that would last a lifetime. Their foster mother gave them the affection and care they deserved, and their food greatly improved. They were getting closer to recuperation and mending with each day that went by.

With only three months of committed care, the mother dog had recovered remarkably. She was getting healthier and putting on weight. Her dog was also developing in an amazing condition of health. Thanks to everyone’s generosity and Abrigo Animais Amigos’ hard work, all of this was made possible.

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