The thin, neglected dog was lying motionless on the front porch, exhausted and in a coma, pleading with passersby for unanswered help.

A mishap happened as he was looking for his mother. This dog was left behind when his hind legs were completely paralyzed. He had been brutally abandoned by his owner by the side of the road. It was quite difficult for him to stumble around on his knees.

He was begging passersby to help him, but they kept passing by like he wasn’t even there. Stop till someone nice saw him howling in pain and was so affected that he chose to take the dog to the nearest veterinary facility.

“We introduced sea water to him, which made him stronger. We gave him some food, but he didn’t really touch anything. He needed surgery because his health was not good.” The veterinarian said

Following the surgery, the poor dog gradually recovered and began to move around more easily. He will spend some time in the hospital. After that, he will be taken to the shelter so he may get additional care.

After more than a month, the puppy is doing much better, but he will still need to visit the veterinarian for his prescription. Every day, his condition was becoming better.

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