See how a sick kitten is given new life by a soldier’s empathy, resulting in the creation of a lovely, loving, and hopeful family.

In 2008, Christine Weber Bouldin was serving in Afghanistan when she had a positive life-changing encounter with a very special little kitty. The woman told PEOPLE, “I’d never seen a cat like that.” “I was really sorry for her. She would topple over and be unable to stand.

It was discovered that the cat had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a non-progressive condition affecting motor abilities. The kittie wobbles when he walks because of this. Bouldin gave the cat the name Felix and became enamored with her, making every effort to bring the furry friend back home.

Felix was picked up from their post by her and brought to Constable’s pet shelter in Kabul, where she paid a chauffeur $300 to stay with the cat until Bouldin could fly her to the United States.

“IEDs are a constant threat, and it took just over an hour to go from Kabul to our base.I was concerned for her well-being. I had no idea when I would see her again or if I would be able to bring her home. I believe I shed a tear or two,” Bouldin recalls.

However, all went well, and a few months later, Bouldin paid the $2,000 in shipping charges to have Felix returned home. Bouldin remarks, “I didn’t even care what I had to pay.” She thought their relationship was worthwhile.

The kittie still resides in Lakewood, Colorado, with Bouldin, her husband, and their male cat, Gus. Bouldin claims that Felix has assisted her throughout difficult times and that the cat is “an angel sent to me from God.”

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