Prior to a woman stopping to assist a terrified kitten, a busy highway is crossed.

Laila D’Souza inadvertently made a wrong turn and wound herself on an unfamiliar road while driving home from work in Kuwait. However, as fate would have it, a small kitten got lost and started dodging cars on the same roadway.
Both of their lives were irrevocably altered when D’Souza made the decision to pull over in order to assist the small cat.

The founder of Rescue For Winston, D’Souza, told The Dodo, “He stopped at the emergency lane.” “He was so scared that he climbed into my car when I stopped to get him.”
After ten minutes of fruitless searching, she drove home gently in case the fearful kitty had made his way up into her car.

“I looked underneath my car again when I got home, but I couldn’t find him,” D’Souza claimed. I heard some meows after three hours or so. I was shocked to see that he had grabbed onto my car by the underside.
She dialed a roadside assistance number, and they assisted with his rescue. Following a thorough examination at the veterinarian, D’Souza placed the scared kitten in a crate.

D’Souza claimed that even though he was okay, what had occurred to him still had a profound impact on him. He warmed up every day with a little loving attention, and soon he started to trust others.

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