Help save the blind dog with both eyes. This dog was discovered by volunteers in a wild grass field. The dog is excellent and very obedient. When the stunning girl went to the clinic for medical attention, an amazing thing occurred. It’s a good thing that Honey has a fresh life and new name.

Something was laying in the weed that two volunteers from Diasoz® Animal RescṼe (DAR) were gathering stray animals in a nearby village.

She felt as though one of her eyeballs had been torn out when one of the rescuers caught her since she was immobile.

The item that’s been loaded onto the truck is nearly unconscious.

His eyes could not be saved.

Her eye needed to be operated on, but she wasn’t well enough to have the procedure done.

The veterinary staff was thrilled to help the tiny girl, even though she was too weak to eat or drink on her own.

Eła is a courageous young lady!

After the procedure, she slept for a few days before abruptly getting up!

Take a look at this lovely thing!

When the sweet girl arrived at the clinic for medical attention, something amazing happened!

Honey is doing fantastic now that she has a new name and a new life.

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