Bunny-Hopping Kitten Grows Into Happiest Cat Ever with Adorable Personality

A kitten with huge, beautiful legs developed into the happiest cat ever.

A tiny kitten was found in a horse stable with her sister. They were coated with mud and fleas and were in dire need of relief. Alessandra Dickerso-Homa, a volunteer foster mother living in Michigan, expressed her dismay at their situation when she learned about it.

“I made the decision to open my house to them. I didn’t know how to take care of them, but I didn’t have time to think through a lot of the specifics before deciding to take them,” Alyssa told Love Meow. “It was a ‘act now, pay later’ situation, and I felt so strongly that I was their last hope.”

Upon arriving, Alyssa noticed something unusual about the small tabby.

She was stocky and stooped over, with crooked front paws. The kitten was born with multiple congenital conditions as it developed. “This includes kyphosis, mammary syndrome, paw deformity, and morphological issues that cause her to walk incorrectly on her paws.”

Despite everything, the tabby-haired Lisa remained cheerful and full of playfulness. Like a child, she would jump around and explore every book and cranny.

“She’s a perfectly normal cat who just wants to do cat things like cuddle on your lap, chase a squirrel, and watch birds on the widow.”

Aÿοa and her handbag Steve took on the role of foster parent until the kittens were ready to be adopted. They hoped that one day a wonderful family who understands Lisa’s needs will arrive.

Foster Father Steve constructed a ramp to assist Lisa with getting off the couch and to make things more accessible throughout the home. Even with uneven feet, the tabby didn’t allow anything to stop her progress. She could easily grasp, jump, and catch feather toys.

“Lisa enjoys cuddling and needs to be tucked up as close to her moms as possible,” Aÿÿa remarked.

She has learned how to jump into her bed and waits eagerly till one of her plays “blanket hit” with her. She believes she is rather strong.

Lisa assumed her position as the office supervisor with ease. She would lie down near the computer or on her mother’s knee as she worked on her homework. The astute tabby refused to give up a “helping” paw whenever she felt like it.

Together with their veterinarians, Ana and Steve made sure Lisa received the finest treatment and quality of life possible. Afterwards, the adorable tabby showered them with cuddles and lots of her signature kisses.

Over the past few months, Lisa’s growth has been nothing short of amazing. She has developed into an exquisite young cat possessing a larger-than-life personality. Her movement is exceptional and she moves as quickly as a lightening rod while having the biggest paws.

Although she may need occasional help and jump like a crazy person, Lisa is incredibly full of life and has many cute quirks.

The cuddly tabby wraps her arms around her people’s legs to give the coziest hug. When Aÿοa is in the kitchen, she frequently hops over to give some friendly assistance.

She will head to the widow for some Bird TV, regardless of what she watches on television.
Above all, though, she is the cutest lap cat and the cutest macho, and she and her foster father have an unbreakable bond.
Though Alyssa and Steve believed they could find Lisa a wonderful home, the adorable tabby had already found her happily ever after with them.
She stealthily won their hearts and even grew close to the resident animals.

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