Accepting a Tough Rebirth and Getting Rid of the Chains of Abandonment: The Memorable Tale of a Resilient Dog

Following rescuers’ intervention, an abandoned dog in Serbia was granted a fresh lease on life.

In a video that they posted, the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia, said that they got a call about a dog who was left alone and chained to a post.

The worried residents who had asked for assistance welcomed the rescuers as soon as they got on the site. Although they knew they couldn’t take care of the dog, they didn’t want to leave it alone. Fortunately, the rescue group was able to assist.

The dog was given food and water dishes and had been tethered to a post using a blue plastic rope. At a distance, the dog appeared to have a skin ailment on his face, but closer examination showed that the odd lumps were in fact large ticks.

After placing the puppy in their van, the rescuers departed in search of the shelter. But because of his tick infestation, he was not permitted to enter the shelter with the other canines.

Before serving the dog a delicious dinner, they were able to give him a bath outside the shelter and remove a large number of bothersome ticks.

As the video came to a conclusion, they vowed to try their hardest to give the puppy the greatest shot possible at a happy life.

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