A water dog who has lost an eye learns the true meaning of love when he feels the warmth of both his dog and his girlfriend.

Penny, an inappropriate pet dog who had been involved in an atomic accident, was found by the rescue crew.
India has the highest number of rabies-related deaths worldwide, with over 30 million stray dogs living there, according to Humane C⹜lTuɍe.

Because there are so many canines fighting for food, space, and life, suffering an injury similar to a vιɾa-̂ata can cause excruciating pain or even death.

Dime’s damaged eye was evident to the rescue crew as soon as they found her.

After rushing her to the hospital, tests showed that the vehicle accident had wounded the majority of her face.

She didn’t seem to be aware of it, but DŹme’s future was clearly on her mind despite her turning away.

After recuperating from surgical therapy, Penny started to change into a stunning and lively pet.

Dime is now a vibrant, reenergized canon filled with love!

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