A homeless youngster, devoid of affection and warmth, clings to his puppy as passersby pass by, showing little concern for their predicament.

Have you ever wondered what true love is all about? Maybe it’s about providing something material to certain people; maybe it’s about spending time with that special someone without expecting anything in return.

However, very few people consider that someone other than their immediate family or close friends will benefit from their gesture of love.

Even while we are moved and often left feeling saddened by homeless individuals and stray dogs, we seldom choose to take action. Because all it takes to permanently alter their life is one act of kindness.

A homeless youngster and his puppy cuddle up on the street, showing each other affection and keeping each other warm.

Unfortunately, a sizable population of street children still exist who spend their days moving from place to place and working miracles to get enough food to eat.

Recently, a picture of a homeless youngster dozing off while holding his puppy—who has grown to be his lone family member and devoted companion—went viral.

Users on the networks insist that the Department of Protection for Minors be contacted right away.

The somber images show two little creatures that are both vulnerable and very distinct from one another.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like his helplessness bothers anyone, as many walk by him carelessly, oblivious to the two people on the ground who are pleading for aid. Or maybe it was just that they didn’t want to look past their noses and notice.

It is unknown if the boy’s parents abandoned him or left him as an orphan. He does not yet have a name.

As of right now, all that is known about him is that he sleeps on the sidewalk close to Manila, Philippines’ principal train station with his cat. This young child demonstrates the true meaning of love and their incredible bond with his pet by staying with him in spite of everything that has happened.

                The images were acquired by Jem Villomo, a young man who lives close to the city, and he posted them on Facebook with the goal of spreading awareness and persuading someone to provide them with all the assistance they are due. In light of this, he says:

Along with his dog, the child lives on the streets. Instead of requesting cash, he offers to buy them both dinner.

These kinds of stories, regrettably, are told again and over again. Let’s not forget about Rommen Quemenales, an 11-year-old homeless youngster who also found the most comfort in a puppy.

The most certain thing is that the child’s only family is his puppy, and the two of them sleep in each other’s arms with the hope that they will wake up and discover someone who will transform their lives.

Despite their difficult circumstances, they only have each other to show the purest form of reciprocating love.

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