A dog that was abandoned and left to die with his mouth and legs taped finds happiness and hope after being rescued by plumbers, always wagging his tail.

“At first, we really had no idea he was a dog,” Carrillo, a Texas worker at Shoreline Pipes, said to The Dodo. “We looked back and saw him.” The dog would have been bound with tubing because his mouth was taped shut. Clearly, he was abandoned there to perish.

Carillo and his friend rushed to release the dog. He seemed fine, according to Carrillo. He was considerate and enjoyed the interest. Most likely, he was only there for a day or two.

After loading the puppy into their car, the plumbers drove him to a neighboring no-kill shelter called Peewee’s Pet Fostering. “Observe that countenance,” wrote Carrillo, expressing the dog’s apparent happiness at being alive. “He knows he was spared!”

They started treating the dog for heartworms, but it turned out that it was still healthy. “His tail just won’t stop wagging,” an official from Peewee’s Animal Fostering stated. “What a sweetheart.”

The person who abandoned the puppy without compassion was never found, but at least the plumbers gave the dog another chance at life. For now, all he needs is a caring permanent home.

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