Observe the documentary channels and you will find that many people not only think that aliens exist, but also that they have been visiting and even studying Earth for eons. You initially believe it to be insane, but after hearing the reasoning, you start to doubt it.

The question of whether life exists outside of our planet, that is, outside the boundaries of our knowledge, has been the subject of a contentious debate for a very long time. While scientists determine the statistical likelihood that, given the size of the universe, some type of lifeform exists elsewhere, many others assert that they have genuinely seen UFOs, real aliens, or even been taken onboard spaceships.

A vibrant discussion and a wide range of views concerning the subject may be found when Roswell, conspiracy theories about whether or not humanity truly visited the moon, and alleged visits by aliens like Valiant Thor are included.

Many people wonder how the pyramids could have been constructed without outside assistance.

One of them goes one step further and situates the subject of alien life, UFOs, and extraterrestrial visitors not so much in the present or even the future, but rather in our distant history.

The existence of aliens, their frequent visits to Earth, and their interactions with humans are not only beyond dispute for proponents of the theory of “ancient astronauts,” but they also contend that these interactions are so old and regular that they are fundamental to our identity and the achievements of both the present and the past. These folks claim that there are numerous indications that lead to an ongoing, friendly relationship rather than a terrifying future encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence.


Initially, one would dismiss such concepts as absurd, but after hearing the “evidence” and arguments presented by proponents of ancient alien visits, one’s doubts about them become enough strong to make them an intriguing and perplexing subject. You see, if you’ve ever wondered how on earth the ancient Egyptians managed to construct massive, intricate pyramids 4,500 years ago without the use of sophisticated hydraulic lifts, massive cranes, or laser cutting, you’re approaching the kind of logic advanced by proponents of theories about ancient astronauts.

Those who believe in the ancient astronauts believe that human civilizations and technology are based on their teachings.

How in the world are the pyramids still standing today, given how difficult it is for us to build them, given how long ago electricity, sophisticated technology, and computers existed? The same perplexing mystery surrounds Stonehenge, other pyramid structures around the world, and the perplexing giant geoglyphs found in remote regions of the earth, but particularly in Peru and Chile, where the atacama Desert’s unusually dry and still conditions have preserved 1,500–3,500 year-old features like the Atacama Giant and the Nazca Lines.

These kinds of features, which are only visible from a great height, were created on the ground.

The enormous geoglyphs that show people, animals, and what appear to be gods but are only visible from extremely high above have no clear explanation as of yet. While mountain peaks provide some views, the only way to truly see them is from an aircraft. This raises the question of how an ancient, moderately advanced Amerindian civilization could have built these if they were unable to see what they were creating and never saw the finished product.

It is difficult to imagine that the local Indians possessed the sophisticated technical know-how necessary to place these enormous and geometrically intricate symbols on the ground without the use of a visual reference so long ago.

There are numerous old rock paintings throughout the world that show “otherworldly” creatures.

Even though we are aware that civilizations have come and gone, such as the mythical Atlantis or Tartessus, which is rumored to be buried in the swamps of the Doñana nature reserve near Cadiz, we still don’t know how our ancestors were able to construct such enormous, sophisticated structures that frequently depict well-known constellations and appear to line up with significant celestial movements. For some, the explanation is obvious: these and other puzzling works, such as the Easter Island statues, could not have been manufactured by humans alone. Therefore, they had to have been built with the assistance of intelligent alien visitors.

Egyptian hieroglyphs show alien vessels and what appear to be astronauts.

Advocates of this school of thought also cite prehistoric paintings and wall carvings discovered all over the world that show not just humans, animals, and other natural or man-made phenomena, but also what look to be motorcycle riders with helmets. When extrapolated beyond absurd military helmets, they resemble the type of headgear astronauts and combat jet pilots would wear. It does become a little strange when you enlarge on certain wall sculptures and even Egyptian hieroglyphs and find what appear to be UFOs, helicopters, and even airplanes.

Why, after all, have we looked up at the sky so much?

Theorists of ancient space travel believe that these wall murals and carvings, like the mysterious wonders of antiquity, all hint at a presence from space. The majority of world faiths have also always had a tendency to focus on the sky, which are said to be home to gods, angels, and demons. The scriptures of almost every religion mention creatures that came down from the sky, according to the ancient philosophers. They cite texts that describe them as having human-like features but being bigger, more “luminous,” and occasionally having wings.

Even though this globe is home to both good and evil powers, it is believed that the ancient visitors to our planet came to aid in our development rather than to harm us, and they have remained to watch over and lead us ever since. A more bizarre theory holds that the moon is a hollow metal spacecraft that is utilized for this exact reason, and that the UFOs that people “spot” are proof of routine information-gathering missions. When viewed in this light, the aliens assume the function of defender and guide, or, to put it another way,

Gods), and it is even claimed that Satan turned into a fallen angel—not because he was a bad guy, but rather because he disobeyed orders and taught us too much, providing us with the tools to wreak harm before we were ready.

Perhaps we are not human after all.

Is the moon a spacecraft that is watching us from above?

The sacred texts and age-old customs from many civilizations and faiths are supposed to have proof for all of this. Some people take the idea a step further and think that the alien visitors were the ones who brought life to Earth in the first place, as well as that we are descended from early humans who were primitive and descended from hominids. This idea upholds the theory of evolution, but it also seems to provide a solution to several intriguing open-ended problems, such why the paleontological evidence set currently under discovery lacks a so-called missing link.

You can’t help but wonder if there is indeed something to the hypotheses put forth by those who believe in ancient astronauts, even though the official sciences and, of course, national and international organizations, disprove them all. I find it much more enticing to think that we have more advanced “relatives” out there who are watching out for us than to think that hostile green aliens are out to destroy Earth.

We could certainly use more “alien emissaries,” like Valiant Thor, who was purportedly dispatched to Earth in 1957 to speak with President Eisenhower and his inner circle, since, well, we’re awful enough already. That would make him and his type a god worthy of worship if they were able to truly assist us in resolving our issues.

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