Newsmax interview with Chad Wolf: Threat of terrorists entering the US is highest since 9/11

Former acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf stated in Newsmax on Sunday that the threat of terrorists entering the United States is at its highest level since the 9/11 attacks due to the “very porous southern border” and that once they are in the nation, it is difficult to combat the threat of danger.

Wolf, who co-hosted “Wake Up America” with National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd, said, “We have the traditional law enforcement apparatus here in the United States, as well as the FBI and other federal agencies to deal with threats that are already here. But I think the best prevention here is to make sure that they don’t arrive in the United States.”

He continued by saying that more than 330 known or suspected terrorists have been captured in the three years since President Joe Biden assumed office, and “those are the ones that are dumb enough to get caught.”

Conversely, Judd emphasized that the Department of Homeland Security was founded in order to guarantee that there will never be another 9/11.

“When they took the border patrol from the Department of Justice and put us into DHS, they expected that we were going to be able to secure our borders and ensure that nobody crossed our borders illegally,” Judd stated.

“When you look at the cartels, and you look at how they’re operating, and the way that they’re able to create gaps in our coverage and get people into the United States that are able to evade apprehension, it’s a very scary prospect,” he continued.

The left wants open borders, while the right wants them closed, according to Judd, therefore the border issue has turned into a political one.

“We want to protect the American people, and we just can’t do it right now because we’re being handcuffed,” Judd added.

While Senate negotiators last week came to an agreement on a proposal to reform the asylum system, Wolf insisted that the current state of affairs was brought about by the Biden administration and not by Congress.

“If you recall in the first 100 days of this administration, they issued 94 separate executive actions on immigration that caused this crisis,” he stated. “Reversing course, getting rid of those policies, and going back to what works is the easiest and best thing they could do right now. Several initiatives implemented under the Trump administration contributed to the border’s security.”

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