Biden knows he’s breaking the law, Sen. Tuberville said Newsmax.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, stated to Newsmax on Tuesday that President Joe Biden is fully aware that he just needs to make “a few phone calls” to resolve the border problem, but he has chosen to keep it open.

Of Biden, Tuberville stated on “National Report,” “He knows he’s breaking the law.”

Tuberville spoke on the program to talk about the bipartisan Senate border plan, which he refers to as a “border giveaway,” and how it is quickly being killed in the upper house on Tuesday. However, Tuberville stated that the White House, not Capitol Hill, has the fastest solution to the situation, even as Congressmen continue to argue over the contentious plan, which is unlikely to even pass the Senate.

over Biden, Tuberville stated, “Well, he is confused, been confused for three years, gets more confused every day,” but added that there is no confusion over the mess surrounding the southern border.

“The issue is that he has five seconds to halt this. “He would only need to place a few phone calls to prevent them from crossing the border,” Tuberville stated. This has been carried out by him and [DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas. We’ve pleaded with them for three years; please act now.”

“Neither our nation nor the people of America are being represented by them. We are becoming less respected. Our discipline is eroding. Every day, American taxpayers lose out on billions of dollars in lost peace and order, and they want more money, said Tuberville. “However, he is capable of doing this.

“Laws are established. President Biden, just follow the law. We could solve this issue quickly if you take that action.”

According to one of the architects, Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, Tuberville announced that he is opposed to the border plan, joining an increasing number of Senate Republicans who are certain to torpedo the package if it comes to a vote at all due to opposition.

“A border law is not what this is. Tuberville declared, “This is just a giveaway to the illegals and more votes for the Democrats.”

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