This deformed dog is showered with affection as he recuperates from exhaustion.

A dog with a severely malformed face was spotted wandering the streets, and someone shared a picture of it on a local Facebook group.

Phoenix may not look like a pit bull, but that is what he is.

No one knew the full extent of Phoenix’s ordeal when the sad canine was first rescued in November.

Good news: it doesn’t seem that Phoenix’s deformities resulted directly from human maltreatment.

His wife has undergone biopsies, he sees a specialized veterinary dermatologist, and with perseverance, he is gradually beginning to heal.

Physicians determined that Phoenix suffers from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a primary autoimmune illness.

Nevertheless, SLE is manageable with the right care.

Nevertheless, an adorable puppy is the cutest thing imaginable.

The people who are saving SkιaTooк Paws ̑nd C̖aws are making every effort to make sure that Phoenix makes a full recovery, that his health is maintained, and that he continues to be content and at ease.

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