Just in time, a kindhearted canine mother who gave birth to her puppies on the streets was saved together with her priceless babies.

This abandoned dog mother shown remarkable strength and vulnerability at the same time, demonstrating the resiliency that all moms possess.

Will there be a happy ending to her story? Could, for once, anything better come from this suffering?

Bravo, Mama! The Youngsters Are Here
My heart broke to see a helpless, recently delivered dog mother resting next to her puppies. It was a helpless cry for help in the image.

This poor mother dog had run out of strength completely.

After all the ways she’d been broken, how could she possibly be strong?

Her previous owners had abandoned her, perhaps because she was pregnant, based on the collar. Without enough food, drink, or shelter, this kind spirit wandered the streets in quest of a secure spot to give birth.

However, sometimes plans just stay that—plans. She was caught off guard by labor, which required her to deliver on a plain piece of cardboard, right there on the street.

Tragically, two of the six puppies who were born that day were angels from the beginning.

The mother, though she was extremely tired, mustered the last of her power and got up as soon as she saw others approaching. She had to keep her priceless children safe.

She acted forcefully to protect her babies, not realizing that these folks weren’t there to assist her. It appeared as though she was unaware that not everyone in the world was malicious and that there were good-hearted people as well.

Before the mother and her children could be apprehended and taken to safety, the rescue squad had to fight their way through three intense confrontations with her.

When the rescuers returned to the shelter, they were relieved to see that the mother had produced enough milk to feed her puppies. It was time to take care of the mother.

She was so tired and hungry that she was aching for a real dinner.

Normally, dogs only get one or two meals a day, but on that particular day, the mother was fed three times. Her appetite was evident from the five pounds of liver she ate in her first two meals.

Following the crucial initial 48 hours, the puppies started to flourish, developing, opening their eyes, and relishing the delights of being a puppy.

The mother was improving, even if she was still a little disturbed and uncomfortable around people. She would eventually regain her ability to trust people.

The mother and her puppies would have starved if not for the generosity of these good people, dog lovers, and committed rescuers.

The mother finally received the life she had always deserved after enduring all the hardships in her early years.

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