Four Years Later, the Man Who Swore He’d Never Quit Searching For His Lost Dog Finally Finds Him

In 2016, Michael Joy experienced the nightmare that all dog owners go through. His three beloved pets vanished after taking off.

When two dogs came back, Sam, a 4-month-old Lab mix, was still missing. Michael looked through every local shelter in the area, but Sam was nowhere to be seen.

Hey, Michael remarked to his wife, I’m going to find this dog. I kept checking the shelter’s website in case he had made an appearance. I did not give up.

In the end, Michael moved to Kentucky with his family, but he never gave up hope that Sam was still alive. He went to their old Georgia home often, thinking that Sam might still be there.

Michael had searched for Sam for almost five years, but he had not found him.

However, out of the blue, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland one day.

She states, ‘We have Sam.'” In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “This can’t be the same Sam!” Michael said.

Folks, this is Ohio! This is similar to traveling to Michigan.

‘Can you describe him for me?’ I said. I replied, “Where are you and when can I pick him up?” Her response was, “He’s a lighter-haired dog.”

At the shelter, Sam had undergone a medical examination. While being scanned, they found his microchip. After that, they were able to locate him near the Joys.

However, out of the blue, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland one day.

Michael drove eight hours to Ohio that same day, hoping that Sam would still recognize him. Michael and Sam had changed a great deal in all those years.

As we ascend, you can clearly see the joy on my face as I wait for them to extract Sam. “I was like a kid at Christmas,” Michael said.

Michael was excited, and so was Sam. He would not quit bouncing all over his dad and wagging his tail.

Get your tissues ready for this one.The police located Sam and delivered him. The kennel staff contacted the stated number after running a scan and finding a microchip. In reality, Sam had left Georgia four years prior! It was an emotional reunion as Sam’s owner had driven eight hours to get him.

It is safe to anticipate that Michael will not let Sam leave his sight for the foreseeable future.

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