Bowie’s striking appearance has taken the internet by storm in “The Fabulous Feline.” ‎

Bowie is a gorgeous heterochromia cat whose distinctive looks have won over the hearts of people on the internet. This European Shorthair exhibits a unique and lovely phenomena of having one blue and one green eye.
Bowie, whose owner Maria Lloret lives with him in Spain, is characterized as a playful cat—sometimes a little too much for his own good. Even if other cats don’t always share his enthusiasm, he still enjoys playing with them despite his gregarious personality.

It’s interesting to note that even though Bowie is not heterochromia, his owner named him after the legendary David Bowie. Maybe one day Bowie will be motivated to reveal his own untapped musical abilities by this namesake. We can only fantasize as ardent feline lovers!
With Bowie striking this lovely tongue-out expression, let’s take a moment to admire some kitty cat sweetness.

Like any other regular cat, Bowie’s greatest loves are eating and snoozing. Maria said, “There’s not a food type he doesn’t like.” “He starts purring as soon as he sees the treat bag.” And the small mice that make noise when you shake them are his favorite toys. The pet owner told Bored Panda, “It’s quite a sight to watch him play with them, throwing them up in the air and catching them again.”

When Bowie was only three months old, a local animal sanctuary found him abandoned in a park. Maria’s hometown of Benidorm is on the shore, and it seemed fated that she would meet him at the refuge.
Every single cat has a whimsical and playful side.

“We were enamored with Bowie the moment we saw him, after my sister saw an advertisement looking for a home. He was not only extraordinarily attractive, but also quite loving, always purring and looking for warmth. He ate his dinner and fell asleep in my arms as soon as he got home, according to Maria.

Since all of Maria’s cats are rescues, she finds it impossible to fathom living without them. She is adamant that adopting animals from shelters is preferable to purchasing them. She underlined, “Animal rescues save lives.” Numerous creatures exist in the world, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience affection from a family. For example, we try to encourage the adoption of black cats. Our previous cat, Louis, was a black cat and wasn’t very well. He recovered remarkably and became a delightful friend with a little TLC. We sincerely miss him.

For all of his sporadic grumpiness, Maria still thinks Bowie is a gorgeous cat.

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