A viral hug helps a shelter dog save his best friend only hours before he is put to death.

 Numerous dogs stray and end up living on the streets because careless pet owners abandon them without regret.

There is only so much space and money that each rescue facility has available for keeping animals in their makeshift homes, therefore there is only so much that can be done to clean up this trash. In the event that the animal shelter is unable to find homes for its animals, some pet owners will have to give their animals up.

A contentious practice with ramifications for the entire human species is euthanasia in shelters. Euthanizing, another word for giving a live creature a brief and merciful death, is a tactic used by some animal shelters to make space for more rescues.

Many proponents of animal rights believe that in order to keep diseases from spreading to other animals at the shelter, euthanasia should only be performed on really fragile animals. While some shelters continue to run more conventionally, several have already made the switch to this idea. These two canines were going to die in the coming hours.

These two puppies were unfortunate enough to have a timer in a kiII-shelter, and their time was about to expire. Kala and Keira are their names. Since being transferred to the charity Etowah Valley Humane Society (EVHS) animal sanctuary in Georgia in 2015, the two canines have remained together. They had pretty much done everything together their entire lives, and they shared a room.

Sadly, they had to go because the shelter allowed euthanasia. The only thing left to do was find potential rescuers who could accept them before time ran out. A request for assistance was distributed with the assistance of many wonderful people.

Angels Among Us Puppy Rescue volunteers learned of the sad circumstances surrounding these beautiful dogs once they laid eyes on them. Lack of foster homes prevented them from taking the pups in themselves, but they promised to assist in finding the puppies a temporary home or, preferably, an adoption.

In order to post their narrative on social media, the rescuers were able to get the ideal picture of Kala carrying Kierra. Kala described what happened in a very emotional way, pleading for herself and her best friend.

The startled and heartbroken readers began to help spread the word about the two, trying to find someone who might be able to save them. A man saw the message when it went viral and rushed to the shelter to grab the supplies.

He was overjoyed when the dogs kissed him back, showing how much they appreciated him. Presently, Kierra and Kala are enjoying their new homes and receiving excellent care from their new owners.

The youngsters were still without a permanent home after the man’s plan to parent them temporarily failed. The puppies did, however, eventually get to meet their new moms, Pam Cody and Wendy Newman, three months after the picture was made public.

Given that Kala and Kierra were their closest friends and shared a room, they were the ideal housemates for them. It’s incredible how their snapshot improved their situation and helped them find the perfect permanent home.

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